About Jinks


Simply put….We do Tattoos & Coffee!

Jinks Art Factory opened it’s doors in the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto on May 12, 2012. The first ever combination of a tattoo parlour and cafe in this city, probably all of Canada….and the world

Owned and operated by identical twin sisters Sarah and Jen Wetmore. Sarah is the shop manager and Jen is the resident tattoo artist.  Their mission is to offer a friendly, creative and inviting space serving up awesome espresso based coffees and custom tattoos.

Sarah and Jen each have over 20 years of experience working in the restaurant and bar industry, they love drinking coffee, creating art and Jen began tattooing October 2009.  So, combining all the things they love into one shop was natural.

When you walk into Jinks, you are basically walking into Sarah and Jen’s home.  Many of the furniture pieces are from their own apartments, given to them by family and friends and or built by the twins.  The cafe offers a small breakfast and lunch menu and array of hot and cold beverages.  The coffees are made with Certified Bird Friendly, Organic and Fair-trade espresso, supplied by Birds and Beans from Etobicoke, Ontario.

The Tattoo shop is tucked away in the back of the shop.  It is separated from the cafe only by half walls and curtains may be drawn for privacy.  The sounds of the busy cafe are present, however, Jen aims to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  Check out Jen’s portfolio and other tattoo related information under the tattoo section of the website.

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